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take a leap of faith — escape the sleep problems of the past

Sleeping cooler allows those who haven’t slept through the night in years to change their lives. Sleep shouldn’t be something you need to figure out. Press a button, set a schedule, pick a temperature. Technology can make our lives better + that is certainly our goal at Chili. From sunrise to sunset, the team behind Chili has spent a combined 155,000+ hours collaborating, researching and testing to bring the world cooling and optimized sleep.

Our Story

Our days are busy. We can’t always get more time in bed.

Over a decade ago, Todd and Tara Youngblood were tired of being tired. Utilising Tara’s art experience in science, they began to look for an answer. Most of the products they found, however, didn’t solve the problem.

Determined to sleep better, Tara turned to her background in science. Three hundred or so books and two thousand articles later, it became clear that temperature-controlled sleep was the answer. VLPO Neurons in the brain, are a sleep switch and they are triggered by temperature.

Todd’s background in sales and product development was a perfect pairing to Tara’s scientific acumen, and together they began to produce their own products.

Todd’s passion for sleep went deeper than most, as his uncle was the inventor of the waterbed and an inspiration for including water in their solution. After years perfecting the product, driven by thermodynamics to match thermal load to cooling sleep, Chili was born.

Chili, a brand of Kryo Inc., is the result of Todd and Tara enlisting some of the most knowledgeable and hardest working people in the business to make their vision come alive.

from our chief science officer

sleep doesn't have to be hard
we're in this together

According to the CDC, if you get less than six hours of sleep per night over two weeks, it is equivalent to driving legally drunk. Learn how to escape that cycle and build your personalised sleep recipe.

Our Vision

"It's not about how long you sleep every night, it's about the quality of that sleep."

Imagine never being too hot or too cold to sleep?  We did.

Phenomenal sleep is activated by temperature.  Phenomenal sleep should be easy. Trainers from every walk of life believe this all begins with a good night’s sleep. More players use Chili to get next level sleep than any other biohacking product out there.

Our vision is simple: to build the best sleep products, to inspire individuals to sleep better and to fuel our communities with philanthropic and environmentally-conscientious efforts. Utilising cooling sleep science to solve a worldwide problem, we feel a moral obligation to share our technology.

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