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Tara Youngblood


Tara Youngblood, CEO and Co-Founder of ChiliSleep, is improving how the world sleeps. As an accomplished scientist, author, and speaker, Tara is passionate about helping people get the coolest sleep ever with the use of technology and biohacking.


Applying her analytical skills from her physics and engineering background, she’s shaping the future of sleep-driven health by making sleep easy, approachable, and drug-free. Her award-winning sleep tech products help to support a robust circadian rhythm by aiding in lowering core body temperature 2 to 3 degrees each night.


Tara’s mission as ChiliSleep’s leader is to empower people all over the world to recover their sleep, energy, and life. Through her ideas for our temperature-regulated products and wearable sleep devices, plus future coaching platforms and educational apps, she is a visionary in the field of sleep science.


Tara’s unique product ideas are revolutionizing the future of sleep health by making sleep easy, approachable, and drug-free:


Cube Sleep System with Chilipad® Cool Mesh

OOLER® Sleep System with Chilipad® Cool Mesh

ChiliBLANKET: 15LB Hydro-Capable Weighted Blanket 

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Reprogram Your Sleep: The Sleep Recipe That Works
by Tara Youngblood, January 14, 2020

Sleep Studies

ChiliSleep Bed Cooling Products Help 86% of Women Find Relief From Menopause Night Sweats in Groundbreaking Study
, October 18, 2021

Press Releases

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How to Level Up your Sleep and Boost your Performance with Tara Youngblood
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