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Why Temperature Affects Sleep?

ChiliSleep Staff


Why temperature affects sleep

Make your bed cooler at night. Your health will thank you for it.

The fact is that modern conveniences are killing sleep for most people. It doesn’t have to be like that for you.

Well-insulated homes, cosy down comforters, electric blankets and efficient HVAC are great at keeping you warm at night-- and terrible at helping you get a good night’s sleep. People sleep better when they bring the temperature down at night. And by sleeping better, people are healthier and happier.

Just as the dropping of the sun’s light tells our brain to release melatonin, the associative drop in night-time temperature helps our body to shed heat. Scientists can prove humans fall asleep faster and sleep better in cooler environments.

Experts, including our chief scientist and co-founder Tara Youngblood, report that environmental temperature is a major factor affecting human health and behavior. To a degree, electric blankets, down comforters and foam mattresses have harmed our ability to sleep well because they maintain, if not elevate, the body’s temperature at bedtime. Poor sleep generally leads to weight gain, depression, and a shorter lifespan.

Better sleep can dramatically improve your quality of life.

Temperature Control and Sleep

When our body can’t efficiently shed heat, we struggle to get to sleep. Any mechanical engineer will tell you that efficient heat exchange occurs when there is a significant difference in temperature between two elements.

Benefits of a Cooler Bed

  • The quicker the body can shed heat, the quicker it can get to sleep.
  • The faster it gets to sleep, the faster the sleep cycle kicks in.
  • The sooner the sleep cycle kicks in, the sooner your body can begin the natural process of repairing cellular structures, making sense of the brain’s memory of events, and preparing the body to power through the next day.

One terribly inefficient and expensive way to make the bed cooler is to keep the room cool. If you sleep with someone else, that option is even less desirable.

A superior solution is to simply lower just the temperature of the bed.

Our heating and cooling bed sleep solutions put that control right where you need it. Find the optimal temperature setting that is comfortable and effective in one or two zones of the bed. Improved health and muscle recovery are possible with this type of advanced control.

Put a high-tech, water-cooled Cube or OOLER on your bed to get the best sleep of your life.

By: Zack Self

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