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Reprogram Your Sleep Now Available on Amazon

ChiliSleep Staff


Reprogram Your Sleep Book by Tara Youngblood

Today’s blog post marks an important personal milestone for me: I’m announcing the launch of my book, entitled Reprogram Your Sleep: The Sleep Recipe that Works. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know I’m a self-proclaimed sleep geek; along with these blog posts, I did a TEDx Talk in December, I will share when it goes live. You can also find me on podcasts because I’m passionate about helping people who struggle to sleep find long-lasting solutions.

That’s why I’m so excited about the arrival of Reprogram Your Sleep: it represents all of the sleep knowledge I have gathered over the years, organized in a way that can help you pull together a realistic sleep plan.

First, let’s discuss a few key dates and info. Reprogram Your Sleep will be available through a soft launch on Amazon on Tuesday, Jan. 14, which is followed by the official launch on Thursday, Jan. 16 (a hard copy release of the book is slated for August). I’m also excited to say that Mark Sisson, creator of Mark’s Daily Apple and a New York Times best-selling author, wrote the foreword for my book. If you’re reading this now, you can go ahead and order the Kindle version of Reprogram Your Sleep today.


In many ways, Reprogram Your Sleep represents my personal journey toward practical sleep management. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect to learn from reading it.

Reprogram Your Sleep Overview

If you’re someone who struggles to sleep consistently, I have good news: there are simple methods and action steps you can take to recover your sleep, your energy, and your life, all in a few minutes of focus at a time. Here’s the true hidden secret of sleep: it heals. And Reprogram Your Sleep offers a plan, a process, and a solution.

Even if you feel like you have tried everything, this recipe has been able to get people to sleep, even if they hadn’t slept through the night in decades. This book is full of stories about my struggles with sleep and how real people have found sleep.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that very few people approach their sleep health with a plan. By focusing on your body’s sleep triggers and timing, you can create practical—and achievable—sleep habits. Why am I so passionate about sleep? Because it allows you to discover your hidden potential and true self. Just one night of great sleep has the power to change your day.

Sleep Topics Include

  • How to recover from a dysfunctional circadian rhythm
  • What is your personal circadian rhythm profile and how to use that knowledge to get more out of your night and day
  • How to reset your habits and discover what really works for you
  • How to time your activities, food, and cognitive load to reset your circadian rhythm
  • Additional tips and tricks to get healthy sleep

While this gives you a good idea of what to expect from the book, there’s another key topic I discuss at length: deep sleep, and how proper temperature regulation combined with healthy habits allows you to get more of it. Again, for regular readers of this blog, that won’t come as a surprise since helping people get more deep sleep is at the heart of what we do here at Chili.

The Importance of Deep Sleep

Interested in learning how to get more deep sleep? Take a look at our previous blog discussing the importance of getting more deep sleepHere’s a quick primer: your deep sleep window occurs during the first half of the night. And during this period your heart rate, your breathing, your blood pressure, your muscle activity, and your body temperature drops significantly. In fact, there’s a reason deep sleep is more prominent in the first half of the night: this is when our body drops to its lowest point temperature-wise.

Getting enough deep sleep is a problem for many; this starts with growing older. Deep sleep disappears as we age, making it even more important to ensure we’re maximizing that nightly sleep window as much as possible. This is only compounded if you don’t have healthy sleep habits. In the example outlined here, you’ll see that being in bed for 9.5 hours doesn’t necessarily equate to healthy deep or REM sleep.

So this is one of the central themes at the center of Reprogram Your Sleep. By following your natural circadian rhythm, and manipulating your core body temperature, you can increase—dramatically—the amount of deep and REM sleep you get on a nightly basis, which has the potential to lead to greater recovery and a better mood. And, if you take the graphic into account, this all occurs by being in bed for 3.5 fewer hours. It’s the classic quality over quantity argument.

Get your Book: Reprogram Your Sleep 

Hopefully, this gives you a taste of how the book can help you if you feel like everyone but you sleep well on a nightly basis, you dread bedtime since it takes you so long to fall asleep, or you wake up repeatedly in the middle of the night. The tips and tricks in Reprogram Your Sleep are designed to help you, over time, rectify any unhealthy habits to get you back on track to get deeper sleep over the long haul.

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