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How Cube Can Help Put Fibromyalgia to Bed

ChiliSleep Staff


How Cube Can Help Put Fibromyalgia to Bed

Fibromyalgia is a word that sounds fun, but it’s a condition that is anything but amusing.

The Fibrocenter estimates that fibromyalgia afflicts over 5 million Americans alone, which makes it one of the most common chronic pain disorder. The Mayo Clinic describes the symptoms as “widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory, and mood issues.”

Some of the causations are thought to be genetics, infections, and physical or emotional traumas. Further complicating the painful effects of this disease is doctors’ inability to come to a consensus on what causes it. This means there are over 5 million Americans suffering from a chronic condition, and there’s no clear reason why they feel so awful.

Like many painful conditions, some symptoms lead to even more painful problems. For example, sufferers of fibromyalgia experience increased sensitivity to pain. Furthermore, one of the sensitivities experienced is fluctuating between hot and cold flushes—the uncomfortable experience of this temperature variance combines with increased sensitivity to these fluctuations with painful results.

Lynne Matallana, founder and president of the National Fibromyalgia Association, contends that many studies have shown an increased sensitivity to pain with both sides of temperature fluctuation, causing sufferers to do whatever it takes to find a comfortable temperature that allows them to mitigate this painful sensitivity.

For those suffering from fibromyalgia, maintaining an optimal temperature range is difficult, and the inability to do so exacerbates the degree of discomfort experienced by the individual. This is especially uncomfortable when people with fibromyalgia are trying to get a good night’s rest and are unable to do so because they are either too hot or too cold. Unlike the causative condition, temperature variation is one thing we are able to control with relative ease.

Temperature control can be a tricky thing to master.

We’ve all experienced the feeling of being too cold, wrapping ourselves with a warm blanket and then feeling too hot. Sometimes, it can be hard to find that Goldilocks temperature that is just right. Then comes the difficult task of keeping it right there.

One of the best ways for sufferers of fibromyalgia to combat the hot and cold flushes that keep them from getting good sleep is to ensure they maintain desired temperature stasis, whatever that may be. Some of the best products on the market today that help you will select the temperature of your choice (operates between 13–46 degrees Celsius) are the Cube and OOLER sleep systems.

These Chili sleep systems are temperature-controlled mattress pads that fit over your mattress and under your bedsheets. They circulate water through tubes and will heat your bed or act as a cooling bed pad that brings the bed to an optimal temperature to suit your sleeping environment preferences.

Titans of our time such as Tim Ferriss have given a Chilipad Review and lauded Chili products as one of the axiomatic items involved in transforming their sleep lives for the better. And while his high praise for the product has certainly brought more awareness of the powers it possesses for sleep optimisation, he’s not the only one singing the Chili's praises and proselytising it’s transformative powers when it comes to sleeping right every night.

One such case is that of a nurse named Jessica, who wrote Chili to show her appreciation for the Cube™ and the maximisation of limited sleep hours it’s afforded her as a full-time nurse going through graduate school. As a nurse, she sees a myriad of medical conditions that lead to sleep deprivation and is “certain that these individuals suffering from various physiological ailments would also experience improved sleep with the use of the Cube™.”

She goes out of her way to endorse it to patients and has said that many other professionals have followed suit and recommended it as a supplemental tool to fight certain conditions.

Another advocate in the medical field that contacted Chili about the product is a doctor named David, who enthusiastically proclaims it to be a “wonder of modern science” that has revolutionised his and his wife’s sleep lives. Additionally, he contends that “anyone who has trouble sleeping, for any reason, needs to try the Cube™ before they become dependent on medication.”

Jessica and David are just two examples of the many advocates from the medical industry to contact Chili to applaud the benefits our products have to offer patients experiencing trouble sleeping.

There may remain uncertainty about what causes this debilitating disease, but there’s no doubt that this miracle of modern science can help people sleep more comfortably.



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