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Five Ways To Keep Your Bed Cool At Night

ChiliSleep Staff


Woman wearing white sleeping comfortably in a cool bed

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that it is getting hot outside - and as we move into the summer months, it’s only going to get hotter. Unfortunately, the heat can drastically affect your ability to get a great night’s sleep, but we are here to help. While sleeping in a cold room is nice, leaving the AC on all night can become expensive. Today, we’re going to discuss five ways to cool off before bed & how to stay cool at night in bed.

Start Cooling Yourself Down Before Bed

We’ve touched on this in the past, but there are a variety of ways that you can cool down your body before bed. Not only should you avoid exercising right before bed because it can wake you up and warm your body internally, but you should also avoid night caps and eating heavy foods before bed. Your body is not meant to digest food while you sleep, not only could this lead to potential weight gain but it could lead to heartburn and poor sleep. Instead, opt for a glass of cold water to cool down and curb hunger before bed.

Find The Perfect Spot For Your Bed

Not only is it important to keep your body cool at night, but do you know how to keep your bed cool? During the day, keep your blinds and curtains shut, so your room does not warm up from the sun’s rays. It also helps to keep your bed away from the window, or in a shaded area of your room. Since heat rises, if your bedroom is on a second or third floor of your house, consider moving to a lower level for a cooler environment.

Flip To The Cool Side Of The Pillow

Having trouble finding a pillow that stays cool all night? We know, there’s nothing worse than waking up to a hot pillow at night. When it comes to cooling your pillow, you have a few options. You could flip the pillowcase throughout the night, freeze your sheets, which you’ll learn more about below, or purchase a product specifically meant to keep a pillow cool. Consider a stay cool pillow, which typically gives you 3-5 hours of cooling relief from the excessive heat that detracts from your sleep and comfort.

Freeze The Sheets

Cool sheets will also play a role in your ability to sleep better during the summer months. If you want some immediate cooling relief when you’re getting ready for bed, some recommend putting your bedding in the freezer. Although the sheets won’t stay cool for an entire night, they’ll at least stay cool during the first 30 - 40 minutes when you’re trying to fall asleep. Running out of time to stick your sheets in the freezer? The Egyptian Method could also work! This technique refers to how Egyptians would soak a sheet in water, then wring it dry so that it was damp. As the water evaporated, they would stay cool while falling asleep. This method can also be applied to socks, washcloths and more.

Take Total Control Of Your Temperature

So, you want more than relocating your room, frozen or wet sheets or a cool pillow? What if you’ve purchased a cooling mattress or a pad? It’s important to keep in mind that most cooling mattresses have a maximum impact of 2 degrees in temperature difference. If you want to take even more control of your sleep temperature, look no further than Chili. Our mattress pads keep you cool and let you operate your sleep system from 13 to 46 degrees Celsius. The good news is that the Chili sleep systems work well on top of mattresses and mattress toppers to help you sleep cool at night while sleeping!

The summer months are only going to get hotter, but getting a restful night’s sleep is still important. If you haven’t yet, follow any of our tips to help you cool down at night. Tell us, how do you keep your bed cool at night?

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