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chiliPAD vs. Eight (Formerly Luna)

ChiliSleep Staff


chiliPAD vs. Eight (Formerly Luna)

As you can see based on what we have covered in the past, there are a wide variety of options when it comes to products that allow you to control your sleep temperature. To date, we’ve discussed the following brands:

chiliPAD vs. Sleep Number’s DualTemp Layer
chiliPAD vs. Mattress Firm’s Atmos Bed
chiliPAD vs. Health o meter nuyu Sleep System

Today we will compare chiliPAD to Eight, the mattress cover that can turn your bed into a “smartbed”. Similar to BedJet, the creators of Eight decided to go the crowdfunding route to support their business by starting on Indiegogo. Eight is a mattress cover that claims to not only provide you with dual sleep temperature control, but also has features like a smart alarm clock, smart home integration, sleep tracking capabilities, and more. Although they are still taking pre-orders, they have fostered a large community that not only appears to be excited about the product, but also supportive of the new business’ venture. chiliPAD and the Eight have different features, so here we will just focus on each product’s ability to provide you with your most ideal sleep temperature.


Size: The Eight mattress cover will only fit Full, Queen and King-sized beds.
Temperature Control: According to their website, Eight will warm your bed up to 30 degrees Celsius, and it will not directly cool your bed. Instead, if you have a smart thermostat (Nest, Honeywell, etc.), Eight will communicate with your thermostat to optimise the temperature in your bedroom to help create a more restful sleep environment.
Product Details: The technology behind Eight states that it’s able to track your sleeping habits, making your bed “temperature-ready” before you fall asleep. However, keep in mind it is only able to warm your bed from its current room temperature, up to 30 degrees Celsius. It will not cool your bed.
Miscellaneous: While Eight's fan base seems both supportive and extremely excited to receive what will transform their bed into a “smartbed”, since the company is still collecting pre-orders it is difficult to find actual consumer reviews that reflect the consumer's experience with sleep temperature.


Size: The chiliPAD is a dual heating and cooling mattress pad that is made to fit all mattress sizes ranging from a Single to a California King.
Temperature Control: Operate between 13 degrees F and 46 degrees Celsius
Product Details: Operate temperature controls from 13-46 degrees Celsius throughout the night with a water circulation system that streams through a network of micro-tubes.
Miscellaneous: Chili is the leader in sleep comfort and sleep technology, selling tens of thousands of chiliPADs worldwide since 2007. As the original heating and cooling mattress pad with advanced technology, they have a large and loyal fanbase - a fanbase that provides honest consumer reviews about their experience with chiliPAD. You can find these reviews online, or posted to their various social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter.

While the idea of a smart bed may seem appealing, when it comes to being able to control your sleep temperature, chiliPAD may be a better long term investment.

*Peak performance is dependent on multiple factors such as ambient temperature, individual body mass and humidity and may not be suitable to replace conventional A/C.

To learn more about chiliPAD, please visit us at ChiliSleep.

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