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Public Update: OOLER app is now available for iOS + Android

ChiliSleep Staff


The OOLER app is designed to work seamlessly with the OOLER Control Unit.

OOLER, made by Kryo Inc. and the minds behind the Cube, is the most advanced of its kind to address the frequently overlooked but crucial sleep factor: temperature. OOLER is our most luxurious sleep system, which adjusts your sleeping surface temperature from 55-110°F (13-43°C).

Control Your Sleep Temperature

  • Increase or decrease your mattress temperature to your desired level
  • Select your sleep temperature from 55°-110°F (13°-43°C)

Set Personalized Sleep Schedules

  • Enjoy temperature perfection all night long
  • Set multiple sleep temperatures for the night or week ahead
  • Set temperature variations to fall asleep warm and stay asleep cold or anywhere in-between

Improve your Evening + Morning Routine

  • Set bedtime reminders to improve your bedtime consistency
  • Use the Warm Awake feature as alarm clock replacement. Enjoy waking up with a gentle warming of the mattress temperature to trigger your body’s natural wake response

+ More

  • Set your desired noise level with Silent, Regular and Boost fan speed modes
  • Receive a low water notification when you need to add more water to your Control Unit

Finally, sleep as nature intended with OOLER. Learn more and get yours here.

To use the OOLER app, you’ll need Android 6.0 or later.